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Landscaping, Bark, Paving & Gravel, Maintenance Free Gardens and Artificial Turf Ideas - HOME and GARDEN, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

On this page, I have included a photo gallery showing some of the HOME and GARDEN Newcastle landscaping, bark, paving & gravel, maintenance free gardens and artificial turf projects that I have undertaken in the Newcastle upon Tyne area.

The work featured in the slide show took 3 days to complete: 1.5 days to remove the turf, 0.5 days to shop for the heavy materials required, and 1 day to lay down the new design.

Landscaping Advice:

Bark is 1/4 price of gravel (£12/ 100L instead of £40/ 100L)
I have rarely seen weeds forming within bark.
Every year or two you may need to add some fresh bark as it can start to decompose slowly. Cats may use bark as cat litter. They tend to dig and bury it with bark, so it may not even be noticed.
Bark could possibly be moved by the wind, but in my experience this hasn't been a problem.

Gravel is 4x the price of gravel (£40/ 100L instead of £12/ 100L)
Dead leaves and soil blown onto the gravel can, over the year cause weeds to form in the gravel from seeds landing on the gravel. Very occasional weeding and weed killer will keep this under control.

Artificial Grass:
In my experience, this is very low maintenance and hard wearing. It is constructed with weed barrier, a wooden frame and a compacted sand layer below the artificial turf. Artificial grass is relatively expensive at about £16 - £25 per square metre. This is worth the expense when you never have to cut the grass again. You can also walk over damp artificial grass in bare feet or socks without ever getting muddy feet!

To keep an artificial lawn looking tidy, you may occasionally wish to sweep it, or even pressure wash it.

Maintenance tips:

(1) After a while, some gravel may spread over the paving stones. This can be tidied up by simply sweeping the paying stones.

(2) After a year or so, a few weeds may appear in the gravel. This is because soil, leaves and seeds can blow into the gravel. New weeds will not come through the weed membrane. They can easily be pulled out, as their roots will not be in the soil. Alternatively, weed killer can be used over the gravel, perhaps twice a year.

(3) After a year or so, the bark may start to rot down a bit. The volume can simply be topped up with a fresh bag of bark obtained from a garden centre. Weeds are less of a problem in bark, but if they do appear, they can be treated in the same way as weeds in gravel.

Customer Feedback

"Thank you for doing a fantastic job on my mam’s garden! We are very happy with the finished garden make over, and feel that it brightens the street up! May we compliment you on your professionalism and the quality of your workmanship. You can use the photos, as they show the hard work that you put into this.

All the best for the future."

Price List

There is a call out charge of £18 per visit (see FAQ), plus the round-trip travelling costs (see FAQ), plus the following hourly rates: